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No pain, no gain has been a rallying cry in the fitness world for decades.
I get it, intense workouts are seductive. It’s easy to get caught up in the energy and hype of high intensity training (HIT) or high volume weight lifting sessions. Adding 5 more pounds, pushing out one more rep, giving it your all and collapsing in a pool of sweat. It’s a romantic idea and finishing a hard workout can provide a great sense of accomplishment.


F Introduction or more than 16 years, I’ve been in the business of helping people move better, feel better, and enjoy life to its fullest. I became interested in health and fitness after I witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, on the health of my family. I wanted to help myself and my loved ones have a better quality of life, so I set out to learn how healthy lifestyles—including regular physical activity—can improve our well-being. It quickly became clear to me that a career in fitness was my calling. So, at a young age, I made the decision to focus my academic pursuits and professional work on educating and inspiring others to live healthier, more active lives.


According to the Vedic culture of ancient India, our entire world is made of ‘the five elements’ called as The Panch-Maha-Bhuta’s. The five elements being Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Space/Vacuum. They are also called the earth element, water element, fire element, wind element and space element.